June 29 - July 4, 2019
Cultural Foundation of Tinos Island (ITIP), Greece

The Institute of International Relations organizes the

27th International Summer Seminar on:

  • Cycle A: Strategy in the 21st century:

Cyber security, Hybrid warfare, political influence operations and

  • Cycle B: The New State of Affairs in the Western Balkans and

the Eastern Mediterranean

The cycles will take place in parallel ​



The vision to create a space where students, researchers, professors, diplomats, journalists and practitioners of international relations could engage in a meaningful free exchange of ideas led to the founding of the Institute in 1989. As a forum of public exchange the Institute aspires to a meaningful synthesis of academic expertise with field exposure over a wide range of issues relating to the realm of international relations. A strong commitment to the value of developing a well informed global perspective underlies the diverse activities that the Institute has undertaken over the past fourteen years. The staff and the wide network of associates of the Institute share the belief that expert knowledge in our increasingly interconnected world, ought to serve the public good beyond narrow ideological and institutional confines at the local, the national and international level.

Since 1994, the I.I.R’s headquarters have been located in a renovated neoclassical building in Plaka, the old quarter of Athens. Present facilities include offices for resident faculty and visiting scholars, seminar and conference rooms, administrative offices and a library which provides an extensive collection of Books, Journals, Newspapers and Computer-based information services, including CD-ROM network, on-line search, OPAC and local databases.



The 27th International Summer Seminar of the Institute of International Relations (I.I.R.) of Panteion University:

  • provides intensive high level lectures of worldwide acknowledged academics

  • builds strong academic relations among the participants 

  • is taking place in Tinos island, combining cultural richness and natural beauty 

  • is hosted in a venue of a beautiful and recently refurnished Neo-classic building 

  • offers a unique opportunity for education and entertainment 


International Seminar 2019 

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, countries and cultures, providing a fresh perspective to our seminars. The beautiful background of the Tinos island makes a great setting for a constructive academic experience.

Join us this summer for a unique course and a fantastic time in Tinos!



  • University Students 

  • Researchers

  • Practitioners 

  • Professionals 


The application form must be sent to our e-mail: 

Application Deadline: June 6th, 2019 




3-5 Hill Street, 105 58 Athens, Greece

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